4-Day Portrait & Figure Drawing Workshop with Iliya Mirochnik

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This intensive portrait- and figure-drawing workshop will follow drawing methods practiced at the Repin Academy of Arts. The focus will be on finding a balance between factual knowledge and visual perception, in order to develop the drawing as something that exists independently from the model. Students will study form and plasticity as stemming from a set of interconnected anatomical elements—this will allow them both to emphasize the most important parts of the surface and attend to the body’s underlying structure in drawing. Students will work on paper stretched onto a support, a common practice at the Repin Academy, which makes drawing a more physical experience. Students will be able to switch between the portrait and the figure as they please, allowing both assignments to freely flow into each other. The workshop will include figure- and portrait-drawing demonstrations by Mr. Mirochnik, along with group instruction and one-on-one critiques.

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Iliya Mirochnik studied at the Repin State Institute of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he earned his BFA in 2011 and his MFA in 2013. The Repin Academy is known for emphasizing the teaching of the rigorous classical disciplines, rooted in the 19th century, of painting, drawing, and composition. Mirochnik believes that only through a careful and studious analysis of the art periods, artists, and art of the past can one develop a firm enough stance to create something truly meaningful in the present.