A Fresh Look at Monet

A fresh look at Monet

by Steve Forster

Recently I went to MOMA and also the Francine Sterling Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA. I have not always liked Monet because for me he started to represent sort of a song that you have heard a few too many times. And all the coffee cups, bookmarks, and calendars that he is on had started to wear on me a bit. This had colored my thoughts about Monet, considering him too kitschy or lighthearted for my taste. Sometimes in life you are not ready to truly see a painting. For whatever reason you may be too narrow at the time, or perhaps baffled at why someone would dedicate their life to such “trifles” as the way they handle a line or form or brushstroke.

201302 ,24_132830
Monet detail from Clark Museum



I was ready for these paintings, and was shocked by the intimate sensitivity and love of paint that they contained. This is painting for me, love of paint. Not politics or gender, but sensitive, experiential paint. Truly his paintings in the Clark Museum and at MOMA are gems of pure painting, and if you haven’t seen it in person you can’t understand it-go see it.





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