This famous drawing course that was practiced by artists from Picasso to the French Naturalists is specifically geared for those students who are ready to study classical drawing step-by-step. Students are required to copy 2-3 small Bargue drawings in pencil, in preparation for cast drawing, starting off with simple plates and progressing to more complex ones. In order to pass each exercise, one must correctly draw the subject’s contour, exhibit proper proportion, and have mastery of light shape / shadow shape.

By the end of this course you will:
-understand the use of a plumb-line in drawing
-gain experience in the application of proportion
-understand the progression and stages of a drawing
-understand the “anatomy” of light

Drawing Materials:

– HB, 2B, 2H leads drafting pencil
– pencil sharpener
– kneaded eraser
– knitting needle (for measuring)
– Canson Mi-Tientes sheets (4 different grays) check carefully to make sure that the paper doesn’t have wrinkles in the store and keep it protected!
– board with bulldog clips
– paper towels
– masking tape
– Q-tips