Drawing & Painting for Young Artists (3rd-7th grades), Friday

DayTimeCourse NameInstructorTuition
503 - Friday4:00 - 6:00pmDrawing & Painting for Young Artists (grades 3-7)Mitchell Martinez$475 Fall
  • This unique program was developed to give young artists the opportunity to learn classical methods and techniques often considered too advanced for children. All of our Young Artist instructors hold M.F.A.s or equivalent training, and in addition to their artistic excellence, they are notable for their caring, patience, and ability to break down complex artistic principles into more easy-to-grasp concepts.

    The primary objective of this class is to develop the student’s eye for accuracy. All students begin with simple drawing problems concerning proportions, shapes, values (shading), and basic composition and design. Students start with charcoal and newsprint paper before advancing to graphite and finer drawing paper; they work on various still-life projects before moving on to painting.

  • Drawing:

    -drawing board

    -graphite pencils 2H, HB, 2B, 4B (suggested: Mars Lumograph by Staedtler)

    -drawing pad, medium size (suggested: Strathmore’s Bristol series 400)

    -white eraser (suggested: Tuff stick eraser, comes in a small retractable holder)

    -kneaded eraser

    -short filbert brush (watercolor or synthetic taklon) no. 3

    -paper blending stumps, 2 or 3 sizes


    -artist’s tape

    -(optional) Assorted Tints Charcoal Paper pad, 18 x 24 (suggested: Strathmore Series 500)

    -(optional) charcoal pencils–Soft, medium, hard, 3 of each (suggested: Pitt brand)

    -(optional) set of oil pastels (suggested: Cray-Pas or Pentel brand)


    -roll of paper towels

    -3 each of round and filbert brushes, sm., med., and lg., and 1 medium-sized fan brush (suggested: hog bristle or taklon)

    -A container for water

    -Disposable palette

    -Diamond shaped palette knife, preferably medium sized

    -Canvas board or pre-stretched primed canvas 16 x 20

    -Acrylic paint: ivory black (big tube), titanium white (big tube), raw sienna, ultramarine blue, and burnt sienna (all small tubes)

    -Tracing paper


    Your child may wish to learn to paint in oil; please discuss with the instructor prior to purchasing supplies to make sure he/she is ready. Click below for a pdf of oil painting materials:

    YAP Oil Painting List