Figure Sketch in Paint & Pencil, Afternoon Session

DayTimeCourse NameInstructorTuition
305 - Wednesday2:30 - 5:30pmThe Figure Sketch in Paint & Pencil, Afternoon SessionMatt Weigle$475 Fall
  • This course will teach the alla prima method of direct painting in shorter poses. The open studio figure class is designed to help students become faster and more accurate with their figure drawing/painting. Each pose will be two weeks long, one model all day with a different pose from morning to afternoon. The primary focus is capturing rhythm, gesture, proportion and a likeness of the model in a short amount of time. The techniques taught in this class can easily be applied to other subject matter besides the figure, therefore the class is also open to still life/ landscape etc. This is an excellent class for beginners & intermediates or young students interested in portfolio development and college prep.
  • Please note: These lists are comprehensive and thorough, and may not be suited for beginner painters. If you are purchasing painting materials for the first time, please click here for a beginner supply list!

    Drawing Materials

    • HB, 2B, 2H leads drafting pencil
    • rotary sharpener
    • kneaded eraser
    • knitting needle (for measuring)
    • drawing paper
    • board with bulldog clips
    • paper towels
    • masking tape
    Painting Materials

    • Wood Oil Painters Box 9.5″ x 14″
    • Linseed Oil, Liquin, or Stand Oil
    • Gamsol (odorless Mineral Spirits)
    • Aluminum Double Palette cup
    • 2-3/4″ Diamond Palette knife
    • Paper Towels
    Synthetic or Kolinsky Red Sable Brushes:

    • Flat # 16, 12, 6, 2
    • Round # 6, 2
    • Fans # 2

    Bristle Brushes

    • Flat # 12, 8, 6, 4, 2
    • Rounds # 6, 4, 2
    Artist Grade Oils

    • Titanium White 150ml
    • Quinacridone Violet 37ml
    • Ultramarine Blue 37ml
    • Cerulean Blue Chom 37ml
    • Viridian 37ml
    • Perm Sap Green 37ml
    • Perm Green Light 37ml
    • Cadmium Yellow Lt 37ml
    • Cadmium Orange 37ml
    • Cadmium Red Light 37ml
    • Perm Alizaran Crimson
    • Yellow Ochre 37ml
    • Raw Sienna 37ml
    • Raw Umber 37ml
    • Burnt Sienna 37ml
    • Bunt Umber 37ml
    • Ivory Black 37ml