Life Casting & Mask-Making

DayTimeCourse NameInstructorTuition
201- 7/17-7/21, Mon-Fri12:30 - 3:00pmLife Casting & Mask-MakingMitch Martinez$245

Mask-making has a history as varied and fascinating as the masks themselves. Life-casting used to be common practice, especially the making of “death masks” before the burial of a loved one. It is still used today for making prosthetics, for medical and costume purposes, although because of computer graphics, it is becoming a lost art in the entertainment industry. In this workshop, young artists will experience professional life-casting techniques as they make molds of their own faces, then cast in plaster or clay. Additionally they will learn mask-making techniques such as were used to make Venetian Carnival masks. They will use special Italian painting techniques on their sculpted masks, with gold-leafing as an option.

*The life-casting process may be unsettling to some students because it involves applying materials to the face and remaining still for a few minutes while the materials dry. The mouth and nose will be covered, but air vents will be carefully secured so that the artist can easily breathe. This is a very safe and painless process, but it might be slightly uncomfortable. Please explain this to your child so that he/she knows what to expect!