Oil Painting: Practice & Method for All Levels

DayTimeCourse NameInstructorTuition
603 - Saturday10:30am - 1:30Oil Painting: Practice & Method for All LevelsDaniel daSilva$475
  • This class is designed to equip the student with the fundamentals of oil painting. The course will cover everything necessary to create a successful painting from the ground up, including drawing, transferring, value and color studies, palette layout, color control, and brush handling. This class is great for all levels, including beginners. Students are welcome to draw or paint.
  • Drawing:

    Strathmore Assorted Tints Charcoal Paper pad, Series 500, 18 x 24
    Drawing paper pad- Strathmore, Series 400, 18 x 24
    Sandpaper block – to sharpen charcoal and pencils. Large nail file can be used as substitute.
    Graphite pencils – HB, 2B, F
    Rotary Pencil Sharpener
    Handheld Razor (like box cutter) – Found in hardware store, for sharpening charcoal
    Kneaded eraser
    Masonite drawing board and Bulldog clips
    14″ knitting needle or skewer (used to help see angles)
    Artist’s Tape

    Suggested painting supply list:

    REQUIRED Oil paints:
    -Titanium white
    -Blue black or cold black
    -Cad Lemon or Hanza Yellow or Cad Yellow Light
    -Quinacridone Magenta
    -Cobalt Teal

    -Indian Yellow
    -Alizarin Crimson Permanent
    -Ultramarine Blue

    -Cad Yellow (sometimes called Cad Yellow Medium)
    -Ivory black
    -Nickel Titanium Yellow Light
    -Van Dyke Brown

    paper towels (Viva brand recommended)
    Gamsol Brand Mineral Spirits – no turpentine
    Stand Oil or Liquin Original
    Small leak-proof jars (2)
    Assortment of long-handled brushes, synthetic and bristle – filberts, flats, and rounds are okay, but no brights
    wooden palette – lightweight, around 12 x 16 inches
    palette knife
    miscellaneous: vine charcoal (soft), charcoal pencil (soft and extra-soft), kneaded eraser, chamois, workable fixative spray, 18 x 24 white drawing paper