Daniel’s students will receive a weekly lesson/demonstration video.  Critiques/Feedback:  Daniel will email a sign-up sheet for a weekly Saturday personal critique using Zoom.  Email him a clear digital photo of your progress, including reference photos, at least a day in advance of your critique.  If the day or available time slots do not work for your schedule, please let Daniel know and he will make alternative arrangements with you.
Constructive Drawing & Painting
This course is absolutely jam-packed with information and practical tools to learn and improve your drawing and painting skills at every level.  Our goal is to improve how we see and understand the visual world more deeply.  By understanding the language of mark-making, you will cultivate your drawing and painting skills faster than you expect. 
  1. Introduction to the language of mark making (identify, categorize and learn how and when to use them.). How to draw “haptically,” “feeling” your way through a drawing.
  2. Construct objects using specific marks.
  3. Composing and stitching together subject matter quickly
  4. Shadow and light
  5. Basic paint placement
  6. Adding details with paint

Students may continue to draw instead of paint.  Your program will be adjusted accordingly.


Independent Projects

Continuing students of Daniel’s may continue to work on their curriculum.