*This is a regular enrollment course with a no-commitment drop-in option.  Preferred price is given to full enrollments.  Instruction available.

Each class begins with short poses for gesture drawing, with a longer pose for the remainder of class and throughout the season.  Every week has a slightly different structure.

Topics covered are:

• Haptic drawing techniques.
• how to find and use hidden shapes to draw the figure quickly and accurately.
• to see holistically, including determining perspective.
• how to achieve volume and dimensionality before shading/modeling.
• how to add emotional content to your work.
• how to balance dual concerns of feeling and precision.

Materials List:


– 19 x 24″ paper pad, a pencil, an eraser.

– paper 100lb and up.  The better the paper, the easier it is to erase.
– board and bullnose clips to hold the paper to the board.

– kneaded eraser

– 6B, 2B, HB pencils

– standard .05 mechanical pencils: an HB and/or 2B – the kind you get at the office supply store.


– a soft brush like Raphael filbert #8

– a notebook for notes and sketching

– a Primacolor Col-Erase pencil any color
– ballpoint pen



To be discussed in class.