These private online lessons are designed for teens and adults of all levels to improve their skills in drawing and painting, with a focus on becoming more relaxed and confident in your approach. Your schedule will be decided between you and the instructor.  Lessons are once a week and incorporate 45 minutes of attention from the instructor in total.  The lessons may be one concentrated live video conference, or spread out over the week in the form of a combination of a shorter live video lesson (approx. 20 minutes), recorded video demonstration, and/or mid-week feedback from the instructor by email or another agreed upon method of communication.  You and your teacher will decide how best to use your time.  Projects will use a reference photo or home still life set-up.  For the best results, you should set aside up to 3 hours during the week for practice.

Materials List:

Please note that you may need only drawing or only painting materials for this class, depending on your individual needs. Please check with your instructor before you purchase materials.