This open studio class it is designed to welcome all general directions of art concerning artistic realism. No matter what your genre of interest– landscape, portrait, figure, etc.– this class will provide foundational skills as well as a track for each of these genres, so that you have a clear direction and can easily measure your progress. This open studio class is a great opportunity to receive specific lessons within these genres, but it is also open to whatever independent project you would like to pursue, including digital painting and design.

Materials List:

Please note that you may need only drawing or only painting materials for this class, depending on your individual needs. Please check with your instructor before you purchase materials.

Drawing Materials:

– HB, 2B, 2H leads drafting pencil
– pencil sharpener
– kneaded eraser
– knitting needle (for measuring)
– Canson Mi-Tientes sheets (4 different grays) check carefully to make sure that the paper doesn’t have wrinkles in the store and keep it protected!
– board with bulldog clips
– paper towels
– masking tape
– Q-tips