The Atelier

Directed by Steve Forster

About the Program

The Atelier is a customizable year-round classical drawing and painting program for serious artists who aspire to be professionals. Located in Glen Cove, New York, just over 20 miles from New York City, the Atelier is housed within the studios of the Long Island Academy of Fine Art, Long Island’s oldest classical art school.

The Atelier offers a sequential course of study based on 19th-century European ateliers, where the primary objective was training the eye to see shapes and proportions correctly, and developing the skill to model form convincingly.  Historically this has served as the foundation for good painting.  Accordingly, atelier students begin with the Cours de Dessin of Charles Bargue, copying Bargue’s lithographs of casts, copies of Master drawings, and figures.  Students then move on to cast drawing, and eventually to grisaille painting and finally full-color painting.

Atelier Painting
Atelier Painting
Robert Armetta Painting

Aside from the above-mentioned drawing practices, students work from a live figure model throughout the week, and receive individual critiques from the instructor during this time.  The figure work also progresses from drawing to grisaille to full-color painting.  Supplemental courses are available, as well as all of the Long Island Academy’s workshops in various subjects with visiting artists.  Depending on the student’s individual development, he or she may also do Master copies and still life painting.

Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Session 10:30-1:30 Uninstructed Figure, Long Pose Instructed Still Live, Cast, Bargue Open Instructed Figure, Long Pose Open
PM Session 2:00-3:30 Uninstructed Still Life, Cast, Bargue Studio Uninstructed Figure, Long Pose Studio
*Extended PM 3:30-5:30 Instructed Figure, Short Pose
*Thursdays only, optional, add’l $215

Program Features:

  • Lock-and-key studio with continual access, Atelier student use only
  • 3 to 5 hours instructed Figure per week
  • 3 hours instructed Still Life per week
  • 6 hours uninstructed Figure per week
  • 3 hours uninstructed Still Life per week
  • Same pose all season with the model for in-depth study
  • Periodic Lectures
  • Regular, personal critiques
  • Flexibility to take other LIAFA classes
  • 15% off additional LIAFA classess
  • High value with lower package cost: $1700 per 11-week term. Payment plans can be arranged.