January 6 – February 10
Children who have taken our comic classes in the past will continue to build on their previous knowledge.  Each class is either stand-alone or works well as a continuation of previous courses.
In this class students will create a short comic or illustrated book. They will plan a story and finish in the remain class time. The project must be a combination of words and pictures that will include dialogue.
The project will include:
1. Short Description
2. Thumbnails/Pencils
3. Final Art
Students will choose from the following styles or genres:
  • Fiction (realistic or fantasy)
  • Auto Bio (a story from personal life)
  • Non-Fiction (Historical, Journalistic, Biography)
Assigned projects will explore the elements of comics, such as narrative, form, line, space, scale, angle, color and texture. Children will learn how to create memorable characters and explore movements of figures, gestures and poses. The concepts in movement and form will be explained in a clear and structured method.
We will arrange for materials to be shipped to you for $10, or you may pick them up.
This class lends itself well to digital media.  Students may bring a tablet and stylus if they choose to do so.  We recommend an iPad or iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.  Procreate app will be used in class for digital students.

Materials are provided for this course.