This introductory class will go through the basics of digital painting using the iPad with stylus. Each class will begin with a warm up sketch of a master copy. Then there will be a lecture/demonstration on the topic of the day. Finally there will be a project or two to solidify the concepts discussed. Below is an outline of the concepts for each week.

1. Sketching – Interface, brushes, layers, color picker, preferences, 5, 15, 60 minute sketches.

2. Line – Mechanical drawing, sketch/ghost and refine, line weight , brush pressure, brush dynamics.

3. Form – The anatomy of light, surfaces – matte, gloss, metal. Form rendering techniques paining from life.

4. Values – Keying a painting, hi key, middle key, low-key. Window shading.

5. Color – Hue, value, chroma. Warm and cool. Compressed rainbow. The anatomy of color.

6. Space – Ways of creating space – linear perspective, overlaps, aerial perspective through color, atmosphere.

7. Texture – A true exploration of brushes to simulate a variety of textures, same value/different color, the layering of 1000 marks, Rendering of variety of textures within the same still life.

8. Shapes – Shape integrity, The big shape and Notan, shape language.

9. Figure drawing in digital Charcoal – charcoal brushes, Zin Lim, jacob doodles, Zhaoming Wu master copy

10. Portrait painting – line drawing, color values, Smudge technique. Portrait lecture on the Spiral upward of the three phases.

11. Environment design – Thumbnailing and photo bashing techniques.

Materials List:

Please note that you may need only your iPad for this course, however you may combine your digital designs with drawing and/or painting for this class, depending on your individual needs. Please check with your instructor before you purchase materials.

-iPad, preferably iPad Pro (or any tablet that can support the Apple Pencil)

-Design app installed:  Art Studio or Art Studio Pro

-Apple Pencil is required