This course runs from January 8 – February 26.
In this course children will be supported in self expression through various projects as we explore the elements of art. They will be able to identify and use them practically, critique famous artists and design personal works of art while developing awareness of the creative process. Your child will work with the mediums of pencil, marker, oil pastels, and acrylic paint. They will learn through hands-on instruction how to create their personal masterpieces. Each session will focus on a different element (line, shape, color, value, form, texture and space) with the the final session being of the students’ preferred medium and choice. Projects are either inspired by a famous artist or particular style of art. Still-life, animals, nature and landscapes are the subjects studied to develop a foundational understanding. Drawing and painting techniques are introduced with the objective being to strengthen your young artist’s skills.  Reference pictures of classic art, photos and students’ creative minds will be used to inspire their artwork. Students will explore both realistic and abstract styles.

Materials are provided for this course.

This course has a student maximum of 6 participants, so your child will receive a lot of one-on-one attention!

This is a drop-off program.