Summer Session

Most classes are continuing online through the summer!  Here’s how it works:

Teen Intensive Step 1

Choose your course from the list below.  Click for a course description.

Teen Intensive Step 2

Sign up for your summer session!  Special youth workshops can be found here.

Teen Intensive Step 3

In online courses, each week, your teacher will deliver an assignment, demonstration and resource material when applicable, and individualized pre-recorded or live video feedback on your progress.  Studio in-person classes will meet weekly at the appointed time.

Message from Director Steve Forster

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Q: Is this online learning program replacing a summer session?

A:  Yes and no.  We think of this as a pause in our regular routine rather than just moving all our summer classes online.  Online learning is a separate program, and we will start our regular courses in the studio as soon as we can, most likely in the fall.

Q: When will the school be open for in-person classes?

A: We don’t know!  We will follow the recommendations of our government officials.  At this time we’re planning to bring back the classes in which students can easily spread out, while most courses will continue online.  All model-based courses will need to remain online for now.

Q:  What happens if the studio reopens before the end of my online learning?

A:  We think it is unlikely that we will fully reopen before the fall.  However, if we can reopen sooner, we will address this on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  I live out of town… is this just for local students or can I join too?

A:  The beauty of distance learning is that it’s for everyone!  We even have international students participating!  

Q:  Are you offering the same classes online as in the studio?

A:  Many of the topics will be similar, however we have re-designed each class to fit into an online format so it isn’t going to all be the same content.  For example, even if you have taken a portrait class with a certain teacher before, the online course version of it will be different because the technology enables us to engage with you in a different way than in a group lesson.

Q:  Is my class going to be online, meeting at a specific time?

A:  Each class has a different dynamic and need.  Some classes will hold weekly group meetings at a specific time, to help keep our community connected.  Depending on the class, your critiques may be held through live video conferencing with your instructor or class, or you may receive a link to a prerecorded personalized critique video that you can view again and again.  See the course descriptions for details, or contact us if you need more clarity.

Q:  What happens if the school is still closed after the summer is over?

A:  We will continue to offer excellent content online.

Q:  Can I go at my own pace or do I have to go along with LIAFA’s timeline?

A:  Each package of classes does have an expiration date so we can finish together, making us more available to adequately tackle the next steps for our school, whether that’s opening our doors or preparing a new series of online learning content.  The summer classes must be completed within this summer term.  If you are a mature teen or adult and want a more leisurely option, we invite you to consider an online Mentorship.

Q:  You offer free trial classes in the studio.  Can I take an online trial class?

A:  Yes. Contact us to arrange it.

Q:  Can I take fewer classes or can I pay per class?

A:  We will handle this on a case-by-case basis, depending on the course you’re interested in.

Q:  What if I’m not savvy with technology?

A:  You don’t need anything fancy or complicated.  The minimum requirement for this to work is access to Youtube or an iPad, email address, and phone.

Refund Policy

Q:  What if I sign up, but my circumstances change and I have to stop?  

A:  If you cancel in the first week and have not yet received personalized feedback from your teacher, we will refund all tuition, minus $5 cancellation fee.  If you are further in, we can work something out with you if you communicate with us right away that you cannot finish.  We will address this on a case-by-case basis; options may include putting a pause on your classes to use another time (class credit), or transferring your remaining classes to a family member or friend to use.  If a makeup or transfer is not doable and you request a refund, a 50% refund will be given if you decide to stop after the second class and communicate with us right away.  We will not be offering refunds for unused classes after the third week.  

Q:  I started my classes, but it just isn’t the right fit for me.  Do I get a refund?

A:  We would be very sorry to see you go!  If you decide after the first week that it isn’t the right fit, if you communicate with us right away, we will refund the remaining weeks.  A 50% refund will be given if you decide to stop after the second week.  No refunds are given after the third week.