Online Mentorship Program


Attending regular classes isn’t the only way you can grow artistically.  We are now offering affordable, customized, individual online critiques for artists who are working remotely!  All levels of experience and 2D media are welcome, including digital art.  Online critiques are video demonstrations that we send to you, created just for you, that offer: a broad digital paint-over to help you visualize your direction, address specific issues in your work, or cover more general color and drawing concepts.

$45 per video critique, approximately 20 minutes per video

The number of critiques is entirely up to you.  Follow these steps to get started!

(digital art by Director Steve Forster)

Teen Intensive Step 1

Send $45 payment through PayPal or Chase Quickpay/Zelle to  Email to arrange getting started.
LIAFA Teen Intensive

Teen Intensive Step 2

Email with your high-quality reference images from which you’ll be working, if you have them.  Beginners who are working on the fundamentals may skip this step.
LIAFA Teen Intensive

Teen Intensive Step 3

Email a high-quality image of your work in progress, if applicable.  Please make sure that your colors show accurately in the photo and that the image is crisp.  If you have reference material but need help knowing how to start, you may skip this step.  If you are a beginner and want to learn fundamentals, also skip this step.
LIAFA Teen Intensive

Teen Intensive Step 4

Include in your email a brief description of your goals or what you need help on. Examples could be:

  • you have a specific problem with your work you need guidance to solve
  • you want a general critique on your progress and input on how to improve
  • you have a reference photo but don’t know how to start
  • you are a beginner or want to learn a new skill and want lessons and exercises at the teacher’s discretion

You will receive confirmation from us, with any additional questions we may have, and your video critique will be sent to you within a week!

“I have been studying with Steve Forster long distance for the last three years, for 4 months every winter. There are no classes around me when I’m away of the caliber to which I have become accustomed with Steve both at LIAFA and on video.  Without Steve’s video classes and critiques I would be lost.  His instruction is as excellent on video as it is in person. I am so very lucky to have this incredibly talented instructor work with me.” 

-Carole M.

Policies Regarding Online Mentorship Program

  • Payment of $45 must be received before you send your images and discussion of your work begins.  Send payment to via PayPal or Chase Quickpay/Zelle with a note in the memo line as to the purpose of the payment (ex. “John Doe’s 1st online critique”).  If you are unable to use PayPal or Chase, please email or call us to arrange an alternative.


  • $45 buys one video critique, 15-25 minutes in length, which usually will be delivered to you within one week.  While we are happy to answer your questions and clarify content, regular continued correspondence following a critique will require additional payment as it extends the instruction beyond the scope of what is included in the $45 payment.


  • The student is responsible for sending us payment, images, and a description of goals.


  • The video Steve sends to you is LIAFA property for your unlimited viewing and benefit.  The video may not be posted online or shown publicly without written permission from LIAFA.  LIAFA reserves the right to use the video critique for additional teaching and promotional purposes.


  • Refund Policy:  A refund will be issued if you request it prior to sending your images.  After we have received your images, a refund will not be issued, as work on the critique begins right away.