In this all-day, week-long workshop, young artists will delve into the art that provides the visual foundation for theatrical productions: set design and costume illustration.  For both topics students will become familiar with creating concept art through thumbnail sketches, browsing different ideas to make decisions about texture, size, and color.  Based off their designs, each student will draw out, cut out, and assemble 3D mock-ups of his or her personal set.  These set maquettes will be painted and decorated, with special attention given to texture, color, spacial relationships, and shapes.  We will top off this project with photographing the sets, discussing light/shadow and composition.  For costume design and illustration, students will learn how to draw a figure in the style of traditional fashion illustration.  We will work with water-based media to flesh out our designs and make at least one polished art piece with our innovative designs.  These projects are individualized to each student, so boys and girls can enjoy creating their own exciting world.

All levels and abilities are welcome!