Meeting dates are the following:  6/30, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 9/1

Portrait Painting and Drawing at Home, ONLINE, $360 (8 wks)
In this 8-week course you’ll be guided through creating an oil portrait from start to finish in a classroom style on Tuesdays, with either 10am or 1:45pm start time (or both!). At 10am or 1:45pm you are invited to join Manu and your “classmates” for a brief group check-in, then each student will sign off to work independently in their homes.  You will schedule a personal, one-on-one critique with the instructor between 10:15am – 1pm, or 2 – 4:45pm on Tuesdays. Each week you’ll receive portrait reference material, instruction through prerecorded video demonstrations, and individual live feedback on your progress at your scheduled time on Tuesdays. We’ll cover essential principles from likeness and dimension to flesh tones and features. Students have the option to draw. The course trajectory over 6 weeks is as follows:
1. Action, Proportion and Shadows 
2. Color Note, Background and Hair 
3. Forehead and Eyes
4. Cheeks and Nose
5. Lips and Chin
6. Finishing Touches
Painting and Drawing at Home for Teens, $240 (8 wks)
This class is for young artists ages 13-18, both beginner and advanced, looking to improve their drawing skills or to learn the medium of oil paint.  Manu will schedule your Zoom critiques for Tuesdays.