This figure class will offer a variety of different approaches to drawing and painting the figure. There will be video demonstrations, shared figure reference material, and individual video critiques to assess your work. Students will email their progress to Steve along with reference material weekly for critique.  Students are invited via Zoom to a live meet-up with Steve and the rest of the class as Steve works alongside students in a live video lesson.  Steve will provide everybody’s individual feedback during the Zoom session. All students registered will receive a link to a recorded lecture, so you won’t miss the content if you can’t attend.  Recorded videos are available for 1 month.

Materials List:

Please note that you may need only drawing or only painting materials for this class, depending on your individual needs. Please check with your instructor before you purchase materials.

Drawing Materials:

– HB, 2B, 2H leads drafting pencil
– pencil sharpener
– kneaded eraser
– knitting needle (for measuring)
– Canson Mi-Tientes sheets (4 different grays) check carefully to make sure that the paper doesn’t have wrinkles in the store and keep it protected!
– board with bulldog clips
– paper towels
– masking tape
– Q-tips