This class will emphasize transcending the reference material to make fresh painterly portraits. In the six week class we will complete two or three paintings using a variety of techniques and materials, including acrylic and oil paints.


Each week is comprised of the following schedule:

20-30min: Lecture & Discussion
At the beginning of class, we have a brief Q&A along with a lecture/discussion describing the  concepts that relate to where we are in the painting process.

1 1/2 to 2 Hrs: Demo & Paint-Along
Students can either choose to watch the demonstration or paint along and chat with the instructor.
30 mins: Live Critiques
At the end of class I offer live critiques. This is where we can engage with one another and talk directly about your work.
Recording Policy

The instructor will be recording Zoom sessions of this class and students will be provided with  access to recordings for the duration of the course only. Recordings are the intellectual property  of the instructor and the Long Island Academy of Fine Art and may not be copied or distributed.