Lecture Class: 100 Greatest Paintings: A continuation of Steve’s popular lecture series.  Engaging lectures (30-45 minutes each) will cover a few of the top 100 most influential paintings of art history.  Each week we will cover 1 to 2 paintings and go in depth to reveal why these paintings are so important.  Lecture only.

Independent Projects:  Continuing students may work on their independent projects.

Figure Drawing and Painting: This figure class will offer a variety of different approaches to drawing and painting the figure. There will be video demonstrations, shared figure reference material, and individual video critiques to assess your work. Please join us on this exciting new course offering.

  1. Bargue Figure Drawing
  2. Flat Shape, Soft & Hard Edge
  3. Figure Sketching
  4. Torso Vignette
  5. Painting Sketch
  6. Painting an Artistic Figure Vignette


Abstract Realism:  This class will focus on the techniques and tools that perhaps will allow you to loosen up and paint your painting and away that allows creative interpretation. Each lesson will focus on a new tool and technique that will help us translate what we see not copy it.

  1. Palette knife and finger smudges
  2. Pen and ink for compositional thumbnails
  3. Architecture with a squeegee
  4. Chop and mop
  5. Blocking in using a brayer
  6. Painting doorways and the vignette


Digital Painting on the iPad:  This course will offer a solid foundation in the basics of digital painting. We will explore a variety of different approaches and explore the many different brushes and effects associated with the digital world. iPad with stylus and the artstudio pro app is required.

  1. A simple still life
  2. A complex still life with a variety of textures
  3. Graphic drawing with simple values
  4. Soft drawing with perfect edges
  5. Exploring textures in a graphic composition
  6. Drawing a basic portrait


Portrait Drawing and Painting:  This course will walk you through my process in painting drawing and painting a head. We will start from the ground up working on a drawing and going through it step by step. Then we will seal the drawing and discuss the transition to painting and finishing.

  1. The Ghost Block-In
  2. The Armature of the Face
  3. Under drawing in preparation for painting
  4. The Ebauche technique and blooming outword
  5. The Features
  6. Hair, edges and finishing


Digital Design Basics on the iPad:  This design class for the iPad will offer a solid foundation in the process of creatively editing your photos , so that you can transcend the photo reference in your paintings. Demonstrations through Artstudio Pro will help explain my workflow in the thinking behind my creative process in making rich resource material for my paintings. Please join us on this exciting new course offering.

  1. Mood Boards & Confluence Sketching
  2. Techniques in Confluence Sketching
  3. Notan, Layer Modes, Transform
  4. Smudging, Drawing, and Edges
  5. Making it look like a painting
  6. Tools for transitioning designs to oil painting