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Portfolio Development Program

For Teens

LIAFA’s portfolio-development program trains teens to acquire key observational skills, using time-honored classical techniques.

For students working towards specific portfolio requirements, we provide one-on-one portfolio review and consultation. Instruction is individualized; students may begin at basic or accelerated levels. Classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture are taught by professional artists.

LIAFA students have a high success rate in receiving acceptance and scholarships to their first-choice art colleges.

Young Artist Program

For grades 3-7

The Long Island Academy of Fine Art offers a unique opportunity for young artists.  Our program was created in the belief that children, if given the opportunity, are capable of producing adult-level work, as they did in the 19th-century French academies on which our training is based.

Classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture are taught by professional artists.  Serious academic training is presented step by step, in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere, so concepts are easier to grasp by younger students.  Students learn skills that will prepare them for high school and college art-portfolio building.



We offer outstanding summer programs in drawing, painting, and sculpture for young artists entering grades 3-7 and for teens. Students 3rd grade and up may also enroll in once-a-week classes.

TEENS may join our portfolio development and adult classes for weekly classes, or we can create a customized intensive program during the summer term. We work with your schedule and interests to create a personalized curriculum just for you. Limited enrollment.

Week-long sessions for GRADES 3-7 run all summer.

Please visit our Summer Program page for details.

Man High


Spring Schedule: April 17 – July 2

Summer Schedule: July 10 – September 3

Late registrations are welcome! Call to have your tuition prorated.

Please review our policies regarding make-ups, refunds, and enrollment here prior to registering.

Classes for Young Artists (3rd-7th grades) are indicated. All others courses listed below are 8th grade and older only.

Click on each course name to find a course description and materials list! Each student will also be responsible for a non-refundable administrative fee of $5 per semester, per student.

  *materials included in sculpture courses

DayTimeCourse NameInstructorTuition
101 - Monday11:00am - 2:00Studio Art: Independent ProjectsSteve Forster$475 Spring / $350 Summer
102 - Monday3:00 - 6:00pmAbstract Realism & Studio PracticeSteve Forster$475 Spring / $350 Summer
103 - Monday6:15 - 9:15pmFundamentals of Drawing & PaintingSteve Forster$475 Spring / $350 Summer
104 - Monday6:15 - 9:15pmPortfolio Development for TeensSteve Forster$475 Spring / $350 Summer
202 - Tuesday10:00am - 1:00Portrait Drawing & Painting, Morning SessionManu Saluja$475 Spring / $350 Summer
204 - Tuesday1:30 - 4:30pmPortrait Drawing & Painting, Afternoon SessionManu Saluja$475 Spring / $350 Summer
205 - Tuesday1:30 - 4:30pmStill Life Painting & DrawingManu Saluja$475 Spring / $350 Summer
208 - Tuesday4:45 - 6:15pmDrawing & Painting for Young Artists (grades 3-7)Manu Saluja$360
304 - Wednesday10:30am - 1:30The Figure Sketch in Paint & Pencil, Morning SessionMatt Weigle$475 Spring / $350 Summer
305 - Wednesday2:30 - 5:30pmThe Figure Sketch in Paint & Pencil, Afternoon SessionMatt Weigle$475 Spring / $350 Summer
308 - Wednesday10:30am - 1:30Independent ProjectsMatt Weigle$475 Spring / $350 Summer
309 - Wednesday2:30 - 5:30pmIndependent ProjectsMatt Weigle$475 Spring /$350 Summer
405 - Thursday6:15 - 9:15pmPortrait Drawing & PaintingSteve Forster$475 Spring / $350 Summer
406 - Thursday6:15 - 9:15pmStill Life PaintingSteve Forster$475 Spring / $350 Summer
502 - Friday11:00am - 2:00pmFundamentals of Drawing & PaintingLauren Rosenblum$475 Spring / $350 Summer
503 - Friday4:00 - 5:30pmDrawing & Painting for Young Artists (grades 3-7)Mitchell Martinez$360
505 - Friday5:45 - 7:15pmSculpture for Young Artists (grades 3-7)Mitchell Martinez$390*
506 - Friday5:45 - 8:45pmIntro to Classical Sculpture & Independent ProjectsMitchell Martinez$495*
600 - Saturday12:00 - 3:00pmFoundations & Portfolio Development for All LevelsDaniel daSilva$475 Spring / $350 Summer
701 - Sunday10:00am - 1:00Portfolio Development for TeensFelicia Feldman$475 Spring / $350 Summer
702 - Sunday1:15 - 3:15pmDrawing & Painting for Young Artists (grades 3-7)Felicia Feldman$475 Spring / $350 Summer