Light & Shade: Fundamentals of Still Life, Morning

DayTimeCourse NameInstructorTuition
308 - Wednesday10:30am - 1:30Light & Shade: Fundamentals of Still Life, MorningMatt Weigle$475 Fall
  • The light & shade still life will focus on painting simple objects under a controlled light source. The process is divided into 5 simple steps for a more clear understanding of how a painting is organized from start to finish. Students will learn the basic steps of good design, drawing transfer, color/value study etc. The investigation of each stage adds to a greater understanding of the entire whole. The methods taught can be applied to a variety of different painting styles and subject matter. The studio set-up and good working habits will also be discussed. Open to beginners as well as advanced students.

    *Cast drawing/painting will also be an option for those interested*

    Course Outline:

    Step 1. -Set up
    – Lighting
    – Good working habits

    Step 2. – Line Drawing on paper
    – Define contours
    – Terminator edges

    Step 3. – Transfer Drawing ( Oil or Graphite Transfer)
    – Poster Studies- Grisaille & Color

    Step 4. – Begin Painting
    – Underpainting Techniques
    – Ebauche or 1st Layer of Paint

    Step 5. – Painting Methods/ Finishing Techniques

  • For students doing still life:

    Drawing Materials-

    Pencils- hb, b, 2b,
    kneaded eraser
    drawing pad 12×16
    drawing board

    Painting Materials-

    Colors: Use any palette you are comfortable with. This is Matt’s palette if you would like to use his: raw umber, burnt umber, indian red, alizarin crimson, cadmium red med., terra rosa, cadmium yellow medium, Cadmium yellow med, ultramarine blue, viridian green, sap green, ivory black, titanium white, cad green, burnt sienna, naples yellow, yellow ochre pale.

    Any palette you are comfortable with
    Brushes- a variety, rounds, filberts some bristle. A variety of small size brushes
    Turpentine and container
    Stand oil or linseed oil (or any medium you prefer)
    Paper towel

    2 Canvases – One close to square. The other a rectangle.
    Examples: 7×10, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14, 12×16 – In that range but no larger.

    Still-life Objects
    Please bring a small variety of still-life objects to choose from. Something that might fit nicely on the dimensions suggested above. Possibly fruit that won’t turn bad quickly, pottery, a small vase. Anything you might find interesting to paint against a dark background. Any cloth to add color such as a handkerchief if you like. No flowers though. The simpler the better for this exercise. You will need to complete a drawing of these items in one day.