2024 Summer Youth Workshops

Your child has the opportunity this summer to learn from several professional artists in paper arts, illustration, and other creative twists on drawing and painting.  Our instructors love to share their knowledge with young learners in a nurturing, stress-free environment!

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Teens may join most adult classes during the summer.  If you have limited availability, check out our Teen Intensive program!


Please refer to our Weekly Courses page for once-a-week options.

Week 1

PAPER ARTS 1: Printmaking (3rd-7th grades)

Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri / July 9 – 12 / 2:30-5:00pm / $275

Instructor Michael Korol

Your child will be delighted to learn sophisticated skills they won’t get anywhere else in an uplifting atmosphere with other like-minded young artists. This week we will use various methods of printmaking, including mono prints on Gelli pads, wood block with safety tools, and two different versions of etching with a real etching press.  Printmaking history and fundamentals will be taught and discussed in a casual, hands-on way. Time permitting, we’ll also have a few mini-sessions in paper-making and book-binding.
Are you looking to take more than one class?  This workshop pairs perfectly with Paper Arts 2!

Photo-etching by Michael Korol


Week 2

ILLUSTRATION (3rd-7th grades)

Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri / July 16 – 19 / 2:30-5:00pm / $275

Instructor Nina Chavchavadze

Young Artists will create their own presentation books from scratch, and fill it with exciting adventures and original storytelling.  We’ll learn about character-building, environment creation, and how to put together an effective narrative.  Already have some characters and stories swimming around in your mind?  Nina will help you bring them to life with step-by-step the tips and tricks of a professional illustrator.


Booklet and Illustration by Nina Chavchavadze


Week 3

ANIMAL MASH-UPS (3rd-7thth grades)

Wed-Thurs-Fri / July 24 -26 / 2:30-5:30pm / $250

Instructor Felicia Feldman

This unique class is a remix of our very popular painting animals program. Your child
will learn how to combine 2 or more animals in creative and exciting ways, while
focusing on observational techniques like proportion, perspective, and shading. In class,
students will also be introduced to a variety of media, including colored pencil,
watercolor, and oil pastel. The studio will provide animal photo references. Photo
references of your favorite animals and your beloved fur babies are welcomed!


Drawing by student Allison

Week 4

FIGURES IN MOTION (3rd-7th grades)

Wed-Thurs-Fri / July 31 – Aug 2 / 2:30-5:30pm / $250

Instructor Felicia Feldman

This is the perfect workshop for young artists who love cartooning and anime but are ready for the next step, as well as the young traditional artist who is looking for a figure drawing introduction with a twist.  Many character designers for video games and animation use a synthesis of observation and invention in order to create successful characters.  Likewise, in this class artists will draw the clothed figure in motion with accurate proportions, foreshortening, and shading techniques, while jazzing their drawings up with inventive costumes, hairstyles, and anything else artists want to add to individualize their figures.  This class will be both fun and informative!  We will have a variety of photo images to inspire creativity, but students are welcome to use their favorite superhero or anime character for inspiration. *Materials are included in this course.


Drawing by Felicia Feldman


Week 5

PAPER ARTS 2: Books & Paper (3rd-7th grades)

Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri / August 6 – 9 / 2:30-5:00pm / $275

Instructor Michael Korol

Often the tools used to create and facilitate art get overlooked.  In this course, the unsung heroes of great art get to shine as the tools themselves become the artwork!  We’ll investigate all things paper, from pulp to book.  Students will make booklets using various bindings, and pages of beautiful handmade paper.  These are skills they can take home and build on for future handicrafts!


Are you looking to take more than one class?  This workshop pairs perfectly with Paper Arts 1!


Folio (created out of an abandoned wasp nest) by Michael Korol