Enrollment Policies


Enrollment policy: Enrollment is not considered final until tuition has been paid in full. All registering students agree to hold harmless LIAFA and its employees and volunteers, as well as any and all other persons connected with LIAFA, from all liability to any damage students may sustain by reason of their registration, participation, or use of equipment or the facilities therein. LIAFA is not responsible for personal items, including supplies and artwork left at the school.  LIAFA and its faculty reserve the right to remove any student whose conduct is disrespectful or disruptive to the school. LIAFA may publish, without charge, photographs of student artwork, studio activity, and students on LIAFA premises. Photographs will be used for educational, training and promotional purposes only. Students may revoke this permission at any time by sending a letter to the administrator at info@liafa.com.

Refund policy for regular classes: Students who withdraw from a course within the first three weeks will receive a refund minus the first three classes. There is no refund for withdrawal after the third class. Students must notify the administrator of their withdrawal and request a refund in writing by emailing info@liafa.com. In the event that there are not enough students to run a class, tuition may be transferred to another course or refunded in full.

Make-up policy for regular classes: LIAFA is not responsible for missed classes; we cannot pro-rate or refund payments to reflect a student’s absence from class after the fact. Students who miss class should speak to their instructor or LIAFA administrator about possible ways to make up the missed time, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer each student a make-up option that suits their individual needs. Make-up classes must be with the original instructor and do not roll over into following semesters. If LIAFA cancels a class for any reason, a make-up option will be made available.

Adult Workshops: By enrolling, the student agrees that 30% of the workshop tuition is non-refundable. If the student cancels 10 days or more before the workshop, the remaining 70% will be refunded to the student. If the student cancels less than 10 days from the start of the workshop, there is no refund unless LIAFA is able to find a replacement for the spot. If LIAFA finds a replacement, 70% of the tuition will be refunded, but LIAFA will retain the 30% cancellation fee. There are no refunds or credits for same-day cancellations, and no credit or refund will be given for missed days. In the event that LIAFA cancels a workshop, tuition will be refunded in full, or the student can receive equal value in credit towards another course.

Young Artist Summer Workshops: Make-ups, refunds, and credits will not be permitted for missing any part of the workshop.  For​ ​students​ ​who​ ​withdraw​ ​10​ ​days​ ​or​ ​more​ ​prior​ ​to​ ​the​ ​first​ ​day,​ ​tuition will​ ​be​ ​refunded​ ​in​ ​full,​ ​minus​ ​a​ ​$50 ​cancellation​ ​fee.​ ​​ ​If​ ​the​ ​student​ ​withdraws​ ​less​ ​than​ ​10 days​ ​but more than 3 days prior​ ​to​ ​the​ ​start​ ​of​ ​the workshop, LIAFA will refund 50%​ ​of​ ​the​ ​tuition.​ ​​ ​​No​ ​refunds​ ​will​ ​be​ ​given​ for cancellations given less than 3 days from the start of the workshop, and make-ups​ or credits ​will also not​ be permitted.​ ​​Students​ ​must​ ​notify​ ​the​ ​administrator​ ​of​ ​their​ ​withdrawal​ ​in​ ​writing​ ​by​ ​emailing info@liafa.com. In​ ​the​​ ​event​ ​that​ LIAFA cancels​ ​a​ ​workshop,​ ​tuition​ ​will​ ​be​ ​refunded​ ​in​ ​full​, ​or​ ​the student​ ​can​ ​receive​ equal value in ​credit​ ​towards​ ​another​ ​course.