Grades 3-7: Young artists will be introduced to a more in depth understanding of color, mark making, and technical drawing in a private online format rather than group class. With a choice of different subject matter and varying levels of difficulty each week, students will also have the freedom to choose the things they love while also improving their artistic skills. 

Grades 8-12: Teens will build their foundational drawing and painting skills while working on advanced concepts and compositions that enhance their growing portfolios. The instructor will give students individual projects and suggestions for projects that will strengthen the content and quality of their work catered to the AP art exam or the college requirements they are applying for, if applicable. Furthermore if students need additional assistance with work on a more individualized basis than what they can get from their schools, the instructor is more than happy to assist.

Adults: Lessons and critiques available according to your needs.  Please inquire for more details.



45 or 60 minutes per week of private attention by the teacher by live video chat.  Lessons include visual presentation and practical application.  Nina specializes in Illustration & Fashion, including helping teens prepare college portfolios related to those genres.  Inquire for availability and pricing.



30 or 60 minute weekly lessons or single critiques (no long-term commitment necessary).  Inquire for availability and pricing.  INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED ADULTS ONLY.



45 or 60 minutes per week of private attention by the teacher, either exclusively live video chat or a mixture of email/text and live video. Either way, you will receive the same amount of weekly dedicated attention from your teacher.  You and Felicia will decide what format is best for you:

Option 1:  For students who work well independently, Felicia will send her assignments and visual aids via email, and students are encouraged to work on their assignments on their own.  Students will send photos of their progress to Felicia mid-week, and she will offer feedback by email and will be available to answer questions by email, text, or phone.  Additionally, you will have a live video critique once a week, about 20 minutes. This time can include live demonstrations, corrections, and advice.

Option 2:  Students who need more step-by-step guidance will meet with Felicia for about 45 minutes in a weekly live video lesson at a day/time you schedule together.  These students may work on an assignment on their own throughout the week, but will not receive substantial feedback in-between video lessons.  

Materials List:

Please note that you may need only drawing or only painting materials for this class, depending on your individual needs. Please check with your instructor before you purchase materials.