This unique program was developed to give young artists the opportunity to learn classical methods and techniques often considered too advanced for children. All of our children’s instructors hold M.F.A.s or equivalent training, and in addition to their artistic excellence, they are notable for their caring, patience, and ability to break down complex artistic principles into more easy-to-grasp concepts.  Class size is maxed at 8.

The primary objective of this class is to develop the student’s eye for accuracy. All students begin with simple drawing problems concerning proportions, shapes, values (shading), and basic composition and design. In general, students start with drawing in various media such as charcoal, graphite, and pastels, before moving on to acrylic painting.  First-time students will go through a scheduled curriculum to build a strong foundation.  Returning students will work on individual projects with frequent instruction.

Materials List:

Please note that you may need only drawing or only painting materials for this class, depending on your individual needs. All new students will start with drawing. Please contact us prior to purchasing if you have any questions.